Olive oil produced from varieties of Cobrançosa and Arbequina olives using organic production. The fruits are carefully selected from the field to the oil mill, resulting in an authentic and genuine olive oil, full of scents and flavours.


1 bottle of 250 ml for $9.00 or 2 for $15.00
1 bottle of 500 ml for $18.00 ou 2 for $32.00
1 bottle of 3 L for $42.00 ou 2 for $75.00

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Arbequina, Cobrançosa

For people seeking a genuine product full of flavour. It should be used cold, ideal for boiled, steamed or grilled vegetables, lean fish and salads in general.

Slightly bitter and pungent, leaving a final note of dried fruit.

250 ml – 500 ml – 3 liters